The Role Church Plays in The Community

Term Paper on The Role Church Plays in The Community

The proposal in your hands attempts to present a case for the conduction of a research study on the two fronts. The general aspect coverage of the paper is the role of the Church in the promotion and development of a community. On the particular aspect the role played by the Christian Cultural Center located in Brooklyn, New York would be analyzed.

This would be an exploratory as well as the normative study. The normative side would attempt to dig through the literature and the secondary sources of the role of Church, as it should be in the cultural development of a community. The exploratory side of the study would particularly focus on the role played by the Christian Cultural Center under the guidelines obtained through the normative study of the secondary sources.

The Church works for the emergence of a society where the ethical Gospel values are dominant. The politically and economically powerful and motivated world addresses our future with only one vision, a society with expanding production, greater competitiveness, deepening divisions and wider gaps between rich and poor. The power as seen by the leaders is a tool for manipulating future of the masses. This worldly view call those people important who facilitate the more efficient running of the production process resulting in increased GDP and the subsequent standards of living. In reality the majorities have no say in the shaping of such a society and do not participate in the decision-making processes to any great extent. It is the true meaning of life that results in the care and respect for human rights, human dignity, human development and the environment. A society is just when it adopts the suggestions by the Biblical understanding.

The role of Church has always been of significance throughout the history. It was one of the two biggest powers in the medieval historical era that stood side by side with the Empires and the Kingdoms. The Pope was as powerful as the King of the past. The roots of the role of Church in the development of community cannot be segregated from the Church itself. The two are integrated parts of a whole. Church has always been encouraging social participation and proclaimed betterment. Order quality term papers at our site