The Early Christianity Spread to Britain

Term Paper on The Early Christianity Spread to Britain

The spread of Christianity rarely followed a smooth path. Depending on the locality, many different sects were developed by the people. Nowhere is this more evident than in Britain, which in five centuries has transformed itself from pagan worship, to leading Christians all around the world.

In your term paper on the early Christianity spread to Britain, research and write about influences, and the division amongst Christians, including controversies before the Christians became stable and established. Christianity started to spread by the mid-second century, but did not immediately gain recognition or prominence.

Include in your term paper on the early Christianity spread to Britain, the fact that because Christians refused to acknowledge or bow down before Roman Gods, who ruled Britain, the Christians were persecuted. However, the expansion of the Roman Empire greatly facilitated Christian missionaries who travelled the well paved roads preaching and spreading Christianity.

Next in your term paper on the early Christianity spread to Britain, give details of the decline of the  Roman Empire, and the strengthening of the Christian structure. Christianity now spread rapidly amongst the elite and the educated, as they thought that Christ offered a better relationship and religion than that of Roman Gods.

The Christian Bishops assumed leadership authority after being selected by the clergy, and being anointed to their position. In your term paper on the early Christianity spread to Britain explain how Bishops became absolutely essential to expansion as Christianity continued to prosper and expand, and the Bishops took over administrative duties within the growing communities, and these communities were the size of a Roman City-state.

The power of Bishops continued to grow by the end of the fourth century, to the extent that the Church started to exercise authority over the state in decisions concerning religion and moral values. Later, the legitimacy of Bishops was ascertained on whether they were descendants of some Apostle, as these Bishops were assumed to have inherited their authority direct from the Apostles, leading to the establishment of Sees, which was described as a Bishop of a Higher Order.

In conclusion to your research paper topics on the early Christianity spread to Britain, elaborate that although Christianity spread throughout the Empire, different interpretation of the scripture created conflicts, to the point where a priest in Alexandria, challenged the divinity of Jesus Christ. Such conflicts were resolved and were instrumental in consolidating Christianity.

The issue that spurred the spread of Christianity in Britain was monasticism which resulted in a mass conversion to Christianity in the third century. Monasticism became popular because the Christians wanted to distance themselves from the now very wealthy and corrupt clergy, and Monks devoted their lives to piety and self denial, as they perceived that this was what God wanted of Christians.