Pharmaceutical Drug Testing On Animals

Term Paper Writing on Pharmaceutical Drug Testing On Animals

This article will help you in writing a term paper on pharmaceutical drug testing on animals. Different companies in the pharmaceutical industry are using animals for drug testing. This testing process is basically a part of medical science research. In drug testing process, animals are being injected with a sample of a certain drug.

With this process, scientists identify effects of that drug on animal and based on those effects, it is identified that either that drug is successful or not. Also, read more about the essay review service.

There are many side effects of testing pharmaceutical drug on animals. Animal’s life is endangered and many animals die when tested with a drug. The risk that endangered species will be wiped off   from this earth also increases. Some people believe that benefits of pharmaceutical drug testing animal are more important than its side effects. It is believed that life of human beings is more precious than those of animals therefore drug testing animals should not be discouraged.

Following guidelines have been provided for term paper writing on pharmaceutical drug testing on animals.

Start your term paper writing on pharmaceuticals drug testing on animals with an introduction. Introduction will cover an overview of animal testing. Include a brief history. You will give an idea about when animal testing started. Mention experiments that were being conducted for drug testing. Write down the purpose and results of experiments conducted.

After formulating an introduction, write down pros and cons of pharmaceutical drug testing on animals. Avoid making biased statements about advantages or disadvantages of drug testing. Include points from both the both sides. Develop awareness in your audience about both the benefits of drug testing on animals and its side effects.

Highlight ethical issues being involved in pharmaceutical drug testing on animals. Discuss those laws that have been formed for regulation of drug testing process.

Include figures and numbers in your research that will demonstrate number of animals who have suffered from experiments of drug testing.

Discuss importance of animal testing with respect to treatment of various diseases. Use facts to support your research. Facts will demonstrate that how drug testing experiments and research has been successful in treating many diseases.

Present findings of your research explicitly. In the end make a conclusion. Specify on the basis of information being presented in research paper that either medical science should continue with drug testing on animals or not. Give recommendations.