Laws of Territorial Sea and Its Violations

Term Paper on Laws of Territorial Sea and Its Violations

International laws of sea are made to define some territories of sea which are obligations for countries to follow and respect. To write a term paper on laws of territorial sea and its violations it is essential to know what territorial seas are and how their violation can take place. For that you have to understand the laws defined by United Nations Convention on the law of the sea.

You will have to define that territorial sea or waters extend from 12 nautical miles from the baseline of any coastal state and regarded as sovereign territory of the state.

You have to explain that there are various zones of territorial water which are under jurisdiction of a state. These zones cannot be used by other states or cannot be violated by them as following the international law of the sea. You have to define these zones, which are, baseline, internal waters, territorial sea, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone, and continental shelf. These areas or zones have different purposes as to carry out trade or people of that particular country cannot go out of that zone following the international laws.

Furthermore, you will describe the significance of each zone by explaining its role. You have to know about the rules and laws of the sea which also define the violation if not respected. You will then move forward giving a few examples of violation of territorial seas done by the states and what results were seen on the international level on these violations.

All the points you add in your term paper on laws of territorial sea and its violations should have information about territorial seas and sovereignty of countries which became the victim of territorial sea violence. Your term paper should be written in a manner that it will make the reader understand the whole concept of territorial seas and what  factors involved or what the steps are which makes a country a violator. This will help you to search the right information which would be relevant for the reader and give value to your college term paper

With the addition of few international cases which the United Nations have witnessed your term paper on laws of territorial sea and its violations will become more useful for the reader. You have to pen down all the necessary aspects of international territorial sea and recheck your work to avoid errors of facts in order to make it authentic.