Certain Kinds of Advertising Make Claims

Term Paper on How Certain Kinds of Advertising Make Claims of Patriotic Values

When we look at advertising, what we see is the product and some fancy people in a made-up situation. Have you ever wondered, what is the actual message and motivation behind that advertisement? Advertisements portray certain emotions which arouse the consumer to buy that product.

A term paper on how certain kinds of advertising make claims of patriotic values will talk about one such emotion. According to the description provided above, you can start off by further describing what advertisements are and their role in the today’s media.

Since the term paper is on how certain kinds of advertising make claims of patriotic values, you can give a brief background on different kinds of advertising that marketers and companies use. Do not make it lengthy as this is a term paper and not a research paper. Keep it simple and to-the-point. Do a little research on the advertisements and give examples throughout the paper. This will make the paper more interesting as well as increase the knowledge of the readers.

After giving a brief background on advertising, you can also talk about how advertisements work.  You can give examples of different countries and their way of advertising and how it works for them. Talk in brief about in what way the media such as the Internet is changing the forms and appeals of advertisements. After this, you can proceed with writing about what is meant by patriotic values, why would marketers want to use the patriotic values in their advertisements. Give some stats of certain patriotic advertisements which helped in increasing the sales and market value of a certain product. Provide picture advertisements of how patriotic values have been depicted and give explanation of it as well.

You can give as many examples as you want as it will make your term paper on how certain kinds of advertising make claims of patriotic values more practical based rather than just theories. For example, different kinds of sports are now linked with products to highlight the patriotic values of a product. Advertising in Olympics, Common Wealth Games and incorporating sports personalities to depict their nation along with the product is one way to make claims of patriotic value. You can either go with this example or find others belonging to different genres. It would be advised to use at least 3-4 examples to make a strong argument.

By providing examples, you would also be answering the question of your research paper topics as to how certain kinds of advertising make claims of patriotic values. Hope these guidelines will provide you with enough ideas to write an excellent term paper.