The anorexic adolescent is normally a competitive youngster often involved a great deal in sports. The disorder is likely to start in early adolescence although it may take place in the prepubertal age. The anorexic has noticeable obsessive personality characteristics. Someone significant to them telling them that they are getting fat normally instigates the beginning of dieting. Media influences also play a major role.

Anorexia prevails in developed, industrial countries. It is enormously uncommon in those countries that are not as much developed. The sociological approach emphasizes that it is cultural ideals that kick off eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. Anorexics are susceptible to society's endorsement and uphold a view that it is superior to be thin in a society that is fanatical about weight. Therefore, self-worth is linked with an attractive slim appearance, with a consequential weakness to eating disorders. Western culture has a mania with the human body and connects thinness to beauty, success and happiness. We are trained to value definite standards and are attacked by metaphors of a romanticized thin female body through magazines, films, and television etc.

The Socio-cultural viewpoint cannot completely make clear the loss of appetite and malnourishment that some people go through and the complexity of recovery even in the eager patient. Anorexia has been linked with troubles in rearing, sexual abuse, family dysfunction, and low self-esteem, dominating mothers, remote fathers and sons. The dilemma has been that studies principally family studies commonly address the known patient population in which child parent relationships are by now stressed and frantic mothers worried about their child's malnourishment may indeed endeavor to exercise substantial power. The anorexic patient puts a brutal tension on the family and family life is inclined to orbit around the patients eating habits, arguments around foods. It is at the climax of this cycle that the patient turns up for cure.

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Anorexic patients have been portrayed as characteristically having low self-esteem, and thoughts of insufficiency. They are afraid of sexual maturation, exhibit subservient behavior, and have trouble in handling pressure. The anorexic is usually portrayed as having troubles coming out of the family umbrella and having a separate identity. With the intense barrage of media advocating thinness it is hard to protect the youth from the clutches of anorexia. Thin is in and people are judged by their physical appearances in our fast moving, superficial world. So all your skills and abilities are also considered as part and parcel of your personality and physical appearance plays a major role in this.

The situation has reached that deplorable level where there are actual groups advocating anorexia. It is becoming a fashion statement and sometimes the media hype makes it even more fashionable. Like most issues since this is addressed in a major way, youngsters are beginning to take it as a fashion movement and are trying to join in. There are links on the net that are pro anorexia and it is shocking to read the statements made by youngsters There are practices of never-ending fasts and throwing up after every meal. IT is indeed lamentable to see technology being used in such a negative manner. There is a dire need for a shift in the way that society thinks.